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Tim Marston The Factual DoggoWelcome to TheFactualDoggo.com. My name is Tim Marston, and I am the owner and chief blogger for this site.

I am also a very proud dog fosterer for the amazing Freedom Project.

The Dog’s Trust Freedom Project helps victims of domestic abuse escape their abusers by fostering their dogs so that owners can temporarily move into a hostel.

(And I’m a little bit camera shy which is why you can see much of me in my photo, it’s all about the dogs. The dogs are what matter!).

I built this site as a place where I can write about dogs, I’m a bit of an obsessive dog lover, and I love anything and everything related to dogs.

Many sites exist to review pet products for dogs, such as “the best dog bed for small dogs.”

(If you are a dog owner, you will probably have seen this type of site, they are everywhere online).

But I wanted my site to be different, as well as being a dog lover, I am a huge nerd, and I wanted to combine this with my love of dogs.

So that was how I came up with the idea for The Factual Doggo!

The site is focused on sharing interesting dog-related facts with our readers.

My goal for this site is to share high-quality advice and information that will help dog owners better understand and care for their beloved pets.

As dog owners, if we can understand the world from the dog’s perspective, then their behavior patterns and characteristics start to make much more sense.

We can then use this better understanding to make their lives and ours less stressful and happier.

My writers and I spend a lot of time researching and double-checking all of the facts in our articles to give only the best advice we possibly can.

However, if you spot any mistakes, please point them out. We are far from perfect and always grateful to learn more about our canine companions.

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