How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Dogs are usually loving and friendly creatures, but it’s interesting how they often form a strong bond with one particular person. Often one member of a family will become their fave person.

So how do dogs choose their favorite person?

And how would you go about becoming a dog’s favorite family member?

How Do Dogs Pick Their Favorite Person?

Generally speaking, dogs choose their favorite person based on how much time and positive interaction they have with them.

A dog is most likely to bond with whoever shows them the most love and affection.

Dogs reward love with love, so the best way to be a dog’s favorite human is to love them.

This post will explore the following:

  • Signs that you are your dog’s favorite human.
  • How to become a dog’s favorite person.
  • Reasons a dog bonds so strongly with a particular person.
  • Whether or not dogs can change their favorites.

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How to Tell if You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Person

Dogs have ways of letting you know that they like you.

If they tend to exhibit more of these signs around you than anyone else, there is a good chance you are lucky enough to be their favorite person.

  • Your dog wags its tail whenever it sees or interacts with you. Tail wagging is generally a sign that your pup is happy to see you. When tail wagging is accompanied by happy body language, it’s a good sign that your dog’s excited to see you.
  • You notice that your dog follows you wherever you go. Your dog following you wherever you go shows that you’re its favorite person. It’s not rocket science to understand that when your dog likes you, it will want to be near you.
  • Your dog seems to be constantly touching you. If you notice that no matter where you sit, your dog is close by, touching you with a paw, tail, or belly, your dog likely sees you as its favorite person.
  • Your dog is constantly trying to lick you. Licking is a form of affection for dogs. Your dog licking your hands, feet, or face is trying to groom you and show how much it cares for you.
  • You notice that your dog is protective or jealous of you. If your dog gets upset when other people or dogs are around you, this is a strong sign they really care about you.

As you can see from this list, many of these behaviors your dog might exhibit to more than one person.

But if they do more of them to you and more often, then this is how you can tell you are their favorite human.

This video has some more interesting facts about this (and it also has some adorable dogs):


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How To Become a Dog’s Favorite Person

So, what if you’re not their favorite person? Is there anything that you can do to change this?

Luckily, most dogs are easy to please and easy to make friends with.

Here are a few things you can do to make dogs like you (and hopefully view you as their favorite person):

  • Give them lots of positive attention. Dogs respond to well positive interactions with humans. Therefore, they will always prefer the people they get the most positive attention from. Positive attention can be belly rubs, praise, treats, etc. The more you do it, the better. It’s that simple.
  • Take them for regular walks. Most dogs love to get out and explore, and if they associate you with going for walks, you are very likely to become their favorite pack member.
  • Give them treats. Treats are the perfect way to earn trust and rapport with your four-legged friend. Just don’t overdo it and let them get fat!
  • Play with them. Dogs love to play all sorts of games, everything from fetch to tug of war. This is an enjoyable way to bond with your dog.
  • Spend plenty of time with them. Dogs often prefer the person that spends the most quality time with them. So if you want a dog to like you make sure you put the time in. Even just sitting on the couch together watching a movie will help the dog bond with you.

The goal is simple and obvious – you want to make yourself as fun and exciting as possible so that they will always want to be with you.

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Why Does a Dog Prefer One Person?

A cute dog with its favorite humanIt’s pretty interesting how dogs often select one human being to be their favorite person.

Of course, dogs are loyal creatures, so this kind of bond does make sense, but why exactly do they tend to prefer one person?

A dog prefers one person because that person generally gives it more attention and quality time.

Dogs more easily bond with people who care for them, play with them, are kind, and spend the most time with them.

There are a few other factors that can affect why your dog bonds with just one person:

  • Early life bonding: Dogs tend to bond more closely with those who cared for them between birth and six months.
  • Positive interactions: Having regular positive interactions with a person solidifies their loyalty to that person.
  • Breed of dog: Some breeds have a natural tendency to bond with one person at a time. This is due to the breeding and is often the case with working dogs such as Border Collies or German Shepherds.
  • Quality time spent: Dogs are most likely to bond with people who spend the most time with them.
  • The dog’s personality: Like humans, all dogs have their own personalities and personal preferences.
  • Early life experiences: For example, if a puppy was hit or scared by a man, it might prefer the company of women.

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Can Dogs Change Their Favorite Person?

Dogs can change their favorite person if they feel neglected. They may turn to a new favorite person who better meets their physical and emotional needs.

Dogs are more likely to bond with someone who plays with them and gives them plenty of time, love, and affection. 

However, it’s unlikely that your pet dog will stop loving you if all of its needs are being met, so you don’t have anything to worry about if you are a loving dog owner.

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Final Thoughts On How Dogs Pick Their Favorite Person

A dog’s choice of favorite person is influenced by various factors, including early socialization, bonding experiences, attention, and consistency in care.

Ultimately, it is the unique blend of these factors and the individual personalities of both the dog and the human that determines who becomes the dog’s favorite person.

By understanding these factors, we can not only strengthen our bond with our canine companions but also appreciate the profound and nuanced connections they form with us.

To ensure a happy, well-adjusted dog, it is crucial to provide them with consistent love, care, and engagement.

Remember, it is not a competition to be a dog’s favorite person but an opportunity to celebrate and nurture the incredible bond we share with our furry friends.

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