Why Do Bulldogs Skateboard?

Have you seen the awesome viral videos of bulldogs happily skateboarding around a park or sidewalk?

(Don’t worry if you haven’t. Just scroll down to find one)

Seeing a dog on a skateboard is really cool, but it does make you wonder why bulldogs seem to enjoy skateboarding more than any other breed.

Why Do Bulldogs Like Skateboarding So Much?

Bulldogs like to skateboard because they want to please their owners, who encourage them to do it.

In addition, their height, body shape, and size make skateboarding easier for them than some breeds.

But there is no specific reason why Bulldogs skateboard more than other types of dogs.

Are English Bulldogs Better Than French Bulldogs at Skateboarding?

There is no hard evidence to say whether English or French bulldogs are better at skateboarding.

Both have short, stout physiques that are well suited to it.

But most videos show English Bulldogs skating, so perhaps there is something about this breed that gravitates toward it.

Why Do Bulldogs Skateboard So Much?

Do All Bulldogs Like To Skateboard?

Not all bulldogs like to skateboard. They’re better suited for skateboarding than larger breeds due to their low center of gravity and body shape.

However, some bulldogs will refuse to even stand on a skateboard. Let alone ride on one.

Bulldogs love being around people. Sadly they have physical limitations mainly associated with their breathing, but they enjoy some playtime with their humans.

The breed can benefit from low to moderate exercise or activities, making skateboarding a suitable activity for bulldogs.

Skateboarding doesn’t require the dog to run too much, and they can enjoy the breeze and the feeling of motion as they skate along.

Another advantage of this breed is that the bulldogs’ muscle structure is perfect for skateboarding.

They have low, broad, and muscular shoulders that can support their grip and weight on the skateboard.

Bulldogs’ legs are also nicely spaced apart to help them keep their balance on the skateboard.

Once they get the hang of it, bulldogs and their humans alike can enjoy the sport.

(Just imagine a Great Dane or a Greyhound trying to use a skateboard, and then you understand perfectly why Bulldogs are so well suited to skateboarding).

Here’s a fun YouTube video showing what a bulldog looks like while learning to ride on a skateboard:

However, there are many things to consider before getting your bulldog to like skateboarding.

Although many bulldogs can quickly learn to skate and like it, some are less inclined to do so.

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When Is the Best Time To Train My Bulldog To Skateboard?

If you have a young Bulldog puppy, and you’re excited to train them to do some tricks, such as riding a skateboard.

You may want to hold that off for a bit.

The best time to train your bulldog to skateboard will be after your dog turns one year old.

This will give their brain and body time to develop, so they are much more likely to be able to pick up the necessary skills to ride the skateboard.

Sadly, Bulldogs are prone to medical conditions such as canine hip dysplasia and luxating patella.

These conditions are usually noticeable when the dogs turn six months old but develop after this age.

While hip dysplasia cannot be corrected unless the dog undergoes surgery, a luxating patella or knee injury may go away on its own.

However, depending on the degree of the damage, they may have to live with it, and your dog may not be able to perform things like skateboarding safely.

So you need to wait and see if your dog is physically fit and healthy enough to try skateboarding.

You may also have your dog undergo a thorough medical checkup, including X-rays.

This will allow you to determine their bone health before letting them start their skateboard training.

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How Do I Get My Bulldog To Like Skateboarding?

Once you’ve ruled out any medical issues that could hinder your bulldog from enjoying skateboarding, you can start training your dog.

You can train your bulldog to like skateboarding by slowly introducing the skateboard to them.

First, watch their reaction and gradually encourage them to try it.

Then, use positive reinforcement by rewarding your dog every time they successfully ride the skateboard.

Bulldogs are easygoing, and they do like exploring new things, especially when their humans seem pleased about it.

In addition, whenever they receive rewards for riding the skateboard, they will continue to do so.

Just be sure that your dog is practicing in a safe environment.

Some dog owners even put helmets on their dogs to protect them from head injuries during training.

Although there’s no guarantee that it’ll work, it’s always better than nothing!

Limit training time to roughly 20 minutes or less per day, especially if you notice your bulldog panting or having difficulty breathing.

Additionally, have enough water on hand, especially when playing outside on a slightly warm day.

Better yet, allow your bulldog to play indoors during sunny days or let them play outside at night.

Why Do Bulldogs Like To Skateboard? Some Final Notes

A bulldog’s body shape is ideal for skateboarding, making it relatively easy for them to learn how to do it compared to many other dog breeds.

However, not all bulldogs are naturally inclined to like skateboarding.

Some may even have health issues that can prevent them from doing the sport.

Check your bulldog’s health before letting them try any physical activity as it may be too dangerous.

And, to get your bulldog to enjoy skateboarding, make the training environment comfortable and rewarding for them.

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