Why Do Dog Owners Think It’s Alright to Let Their Dog Bark?

Do you live near a very noisy dog that is left alone all day and seems to spend all of its time barking (often at nothing)?

Or do you notice that some people who own dogs will just let their dogs bark at people without even trying to stop them from doing so?

Why do some dog owners let their dogs bark like this? Don’t they realize it can be annoying or even scary for other people?

Let’s find out.

Why Do Dog Owners Let Their Dogs Bark All Day When Left at Home?

Some dog owners are selfish and do not care as much as they should about their dogs or neighbors, but some responsible dog owners might not even realize their dog is barking so much when they leave them at home.

Finally, some owners don’t understand that barking annoys or scares other people.

So, some people are selfish, which is just annoying and one of those things in life that we often have to accept and put up with.

But some people don’t realize how noisy their dogs are.

After all, they aren’t there when they leave their dogs at home, and unless they have a pet cam watching their dog or have been told by a neighbor, how would they know their dog barks so much?

In fact, these dog owners might be distraught when they realize what is going on.

They won’t like upsetting their neighbors or their dog.

Once they find out, they can reduce the barking with training and less time locked alone at home, using pet cams, dog walkers, etc.

And then there are the people who know that their dogs bark a lot but don’t understand how irritating or even scary it can be for other people.

Some dog owners love their dogs so much that they develop a blind spot regarding how others feel about them.

They assume that everyone loves their dogs as much as they do. Obviously, this is often not the case!

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Why Do Dog Owners Let Their Dogs Bark at Other People?

Why Do People Let Their Dogs BarkSome dog owners are just selfish and rude.

They don’t care about their dogs or other people.

But some dog owners are just inexperienced and don’t know how to train their dogs to behave appropriately.

Owning a dog is difficult.

They are living, breathing, autonomous creatures with minds of their own and behavior patterns that can seem utterly baffling to us humans.

So while some people who let their dogs bark at strangers are just ill-mannered, others are probably trying their best.

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What Should You Do if Your Neighbour’s Dog is Noisy and Barks a Lot?

If you live near a dog that is locked up all day and barks continuously in an ideal world, you should be able to approach the owner.

If you are nervous about talking to them or think they might react badly, you could try leaving a polite but anonymous note on their door.

Try to avoid blame, accusations, and confrontational language, be as polite as possible and see how it goes.

If that doesn’t work, you should speak to other friendly neighbors and see if they agree it is a problem.

Then together, you could try to contact someone at the city government level or take legal advice.

For example, they might have an office that deals with noise issues that can help.

Always try to be fair with the dog owners and not make assumptions, but also stand up for yourself and remember you shouldn’t have to put up with noisy dogs barking all day long.

NOTE – If you believe the dog’s barking is due to the dog being neglected or treated cruelly, please look at this helpful page.

Please Remember It’s Not the Dogs Fault!

Of course, if you hear the dog barking all day long or the dog barks at your every time you walk past it, it is understandable that you might blame the dog.

But the dog is not the problem. The problem is the owner. It is never the dog’s fault. It is always a human’s fault.

Unfortunately, some owners are irresponsible.

Some might not realize there is a problem, and some might be trying their best but struggling to control the dog.

Whichever it might be, they are responsible for the dog’s behavior and training it to act well.

It is not the dog’s fault.

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Final Thoughts on Dog Owners Thinking it is OK to Let Their Dogs Bark

Some owners think that it is OK to let their dogs bark because they are irresponsible dog owners, some might not realize their dog is barking all day, and some will just be struggling to control their dogs correctly.

Before you go, if you are interested in dog behavior, especially around barking, you might find this video a good watch.

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  1. I like this. My neighbor’s dog she leaves in a cage all day in the house. Comes home in the evening, leashes it to a stake in the yard for 4 or 5 hours letting it bark and howl endlessly 9 or 10 at night. When she leashes the dog up she walks down the street to her parents home. She knows the dog barks and howls. I live in a rural community so going to the police or city official is pointless, especially since her uncle is the mayor.


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