Why Do Some Dog Owners Let Their Dogs Poop in Your Yard?

Have you ever come home to find some nasty, stinky dog poop in your yard?

Or, even worse, spotted a dog owner letting their dog poop in your yard?

Why do they think this is acceptable? What is going through their heads that makes them believe this ok?

Why do Dog Owners Let Their Dogs Poop in Other People’s Yards?

Dog owners allow their dogs to poop in other people’s yards because they either don’t realize how rude it is, don’t realize it is happening, don’t have complete control over the dog, or are irresponsible owners.

Why do dogs poop in other people's yards?I always do my best not to be too quick to judge other people and their behavior so let’s look at these possibilities in more detail.

None of us are perfect, and there are very often two sides to every story.

However, answering this question challenges my ability to be non-judgemental, but I will do my best!

Here are some possible reasons people let their dogs poop in other people’s yards:

  1. They Are Blinded by Their Love for Their Dog
  2. They Don’t Realize it is Happening
  3. They Are Trying Their Best But Struggle to Control the Dog
  4. They Are Selfish and Irresponsible

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these reasons:

1. They Are Blinded by Their Love for Their Dog

Sadly, whenever we look at dog owners and their behavior towards their dogs, this is often one of the reasons why they let their pets get away with stuff.

Some dog owners fall head over heels in love with their dogs and can’t see any bad in them.

And they are so used to their dog pooping that it doesn’t even cross their minds that people might not like it if the dog poops in their yard (irrespective of whether the owner cleans it up or not).

This might sound crazy to someone who doesn’t own a dog or even a dog owner who is sensible about their pet’s shortcomings.

But some people who own dogs, just like some parents, fall so deeply in love with their dogs that they just don’t see anything wrong with them.

They think their dogs are perfect.

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2. They Don’t Realize it is Happening

Some dogs escape when their owners are at work or away from home, which could be what’s happening in your case.

Of course, the owner shouldn’t be letting this happen and should be more responsible, but at least it might explain why their dog is pooping in your yard.

While the owner is still responsible for letting the dog make a mess in your yard, at least they aren’t doing so knowingly.

3. They Are Trying Their Best But Struggle to Control the Dog

Some dog owners struggle to control their dogs.

They want to be responsible dog owners, but they really struggle to do so for whatever reason.

They might have adopted a rescue dog that has behavioral issues due to the previous owners.

Or it could be that they don’t know how to properly train and look after a pet dog, especially if the dog is headstrong and hard to manage.

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4. They Are Selfish And Irresponsible

Ok, this is where I run out of my non-judgmental abilities, and I have to let rip a little.

Sadly, some dog owners are lazy, selfish, disrespectful, ignorant, arrogant, and irresponsible!

They do not deserve to own a dog and give other dog owners a bad name.

Sadly, there is rarely anything that can be done about dog owners like this. Even if you confront them about their dog pooping in your yard, they won’t care.

NOTE – If you believe the dog’s behavior is due to being neglected or treated cruelly, please look at this helpful page.

What Should You Do to Stop Them?

This is tricky; you have the right to ask them to stop letting their dog poop on your property, but you don’t want to create unnecessary conflict with random strangers.

So the first thing to do is to calmly assess the person and see if you think they will fly off the handle if you confront them.

If you decide to talk to them, you might want to get a witness and carry to phone with the video recording so you have evidence if they become hostile.

I suggest being non-confrontational so they don’t immediately get their hackles up.

Try to politely request that they do not let their dog use your yard as a potty and see how they react.

If that doesn’t work, you should check out the local laws regarding dog control and see if they are acting illegally.

Or you could go as far as this man did in this crazy video!

Before careful if you take this approach! (Just click the image to play):


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Final Thoughts On Why People Let Their Dog Poop in Your Yard

Some dog owners let their dogs poop in other people’s yards because they don’t realize how rude it is, some don’t have complete control over their dogs, and some are just rude and selfish.

A final note: As a passionate dog owner, please do not let your experience with one or two lousy dog owners put you off all dog owners. Most of us are not like this!

Also, please remember never to blame the dog. It is never the dog’s fault. It is always the owner’s fault.

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So that is the end of this blog looking at the question – why do dogs poop in other people’s yards?

Please feel free to leave comments and questions in the box directly below, and thanks for stopping by.

1 thought on “Why Do Some Dog Owners Let Their Dogs Poop in Your Yard?”

  1. I could seriously go on and on about the rudeness in my suburban neighborhood regarding dogs and their pee and poop. I have way more than just a few bad dog owners.
    Let me start with I LOVE ANIMALS. All kinds. And dogs are absolutely included. In my neighborhood, it is about every other home that owns 1-2 dogs. I do not have a dog.
    Owners walk their dogs like it’s a park. Allowing their dogs to enter every Private Property and urinate on just about every mailbox. Key point here- Private Property. This includes mailboxes!
    Now, most of the dog owners will pick up after their dog’s poop. But I would also like them to pick up the PEE! Haha, funny, right? Well, since it smells, ruins lawns, destroys flowers and saturates the landscaping mulch and shrubbery as well as my WOODEN mailbox post- the only other way to avoid this is to NOT ALLOW YOUR DOG to use MY property as it bathroom.
    I have timidly and cautiously asked dog owners to not do this. Some have gotten quite offended (not sure why it offends you that I don’t want your dog using MY property). Some have said “ok” , but then seem to “forget” the VERY NEXT TIME they walk their dog to allow it to pee or poop. It seems like these particular dog owners are showing a sort of entitlement to all yards in the neighborhood.
    I do not find this behavior friendly, respectful or neighborly. And somehow I am looked at like I am being rude asking for the owner to please not use MY yard as their dog’s bathroom.
    I do not get it.


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