Why Do Dogs Like Me So Much?

If you are one of those lucky people that dogs seem to like automatically and be naturally drawn towards, you are a fortunate person!

If you are used to hearing phrases like “he doesn’t normally like strangers” or “I’ve never seen her act like this before.”

Then you might be wondering why dogs seem to gravitate toward you. Let’s find out.

So Why Do Dogs Like Me So Much?

Generally speaking, the reason dogs like you is either based on signals (such as body language or scent) that you subconsciously put out to the dog. Or, due to the dog’s past experiences, they relate to you somehow.

This is a short explanation of why some people seem to experience a natural affinity with most dogs.

Now let’s look a little deeper and see what could be going on in more detail.

Reasons Why Some People are Popular with Most Dogs

Why Do Dogs Like Me So Much?While there are no hard and fast rules why most dogs like you, there are some possible explanations for this phenomenon:

  1. Your natural scent is attractive to dogs.
  2. Your body language and eye contact make you likable to dogs.
  3. Your belief that all dogs like you is a self-fulling prophecy.
  4. You remind the dog of someone else they like.
  5. Dogs can be great judges of character!

Let’s look at each of those reasons in more detail to help you figure out which one might apply to you (and the dogs you meet).

1. Your Natural Scent is Attractive to Dogs

As you probably know, dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and because of this, scents are much more important to dogs than they are to humans.

You will also probably know that every human has an individual, natural scent.

It could be as simple as that you got lucky, and your natural smell is one that dogs like and gravitate to.

You can do nothing to change this, and you haven’t done anything special to deserve the canine adoration. You just got lucky.

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2. Your Body Language and Eye Contact Make You Likable to Dogs

Without realizing it, you might be approaching new dogs that you meet in a way that they like and respond well to.

Your natural posture and way of walking might appear very relaxed and friendly to dogs, so they automatically tend to like you.

Or it may be your eye contact or facial expressions when you see a dog is appealing to them (without you doing anything deliberately).

Once again, if you unwittingly got lucky and have body language traits that dogs naturally like, then lucky you.

Please make the most of it and make friends with lots of lovely pooches.

3. Your Belief That All Dogs Like You is a Self-Fulling Prophecy

Maybe the fact that you believe all dogs like you comes from some early experiences you had in life.

For example, as a child, you had lots of loving dogs in your life, leading you to believe that all dogs will feel the same about you.

Now that you have that belief, it may subconsciously affect your behavior (see the previous point), making you much more likable to dogs.

4. A Dog Might Like You Because You Remind the Dog of Someone Else They Like

If a dog takes an automatic liking to you, it could be that you remind them of someone that they already know and have a strong positive bond with.

Have you ever met someone who seemed familiar and felt a natural affinity with them?

The same thing could be true for dogs.

Admittedly this is on a dog-by-dog basis, but it’s still worth mentioning as it could be a part of why you feel like dogs really like meeting you.

5. Dogs Can be Great Judges of Character!

Why do dogs gravitate to one person?Ok, so perhaps this one isn’t totally true.

After all, some horrible people have dogs that really love them! So clearly, their judgments aren’t perfect.

But it seems as if dogs can read your emotional state from your body language and behavior.

So if you love dogs and are always happy to see them, this might subconsciously affect your eye contact and body language, making the dog find you attractive and causing them to gravitate towards you.

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Final Thoughts On Why Dogs Like You So Much

While we don’t have a solid answer for why dogs seem to like you and gravitate toward you, we hope our suggestions make sense.

To sum it up.

The reason dogs tend to like you as much as they is probably due to something innate, such as your smell, or something you do, such as how to react when you see a new dog.

You should count yourself very lucky that dogs find you so likable.

Unfortunately, not all dog lovers are as fortunate. Some people have to work hard to make dogs like them.

And what we are sure of is that you should make the most of this magical talent by being as nice as you possibly can to as many dogs as possible.

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