Why Do Dogs Like Snow So Much?

Similar to young children, one of the adorable things about dogs is how they get so excited at small things.

If you own a dog, you might have noticed your pooch getting very excited when they get to go out and play in the snow.

Why is this? Why do dogs like the snow so much? Let’s find out.

Why Do Dogs Love Snow So Much?

The reason dogs love snow so much is the same reason many humans love it. It’s because snow is stimulating and fun to play in.

Adult humans don’t lose all their need for play when they grow up, and this is also true of adult dogs.

Even when they are old, they can still love playing and rolling in the snow.

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Snow Can Be a Novelty for Dogs

Another reason some dogs like the snow is its novelty factor.

If you live in an area where snow doesn’t fall very often, when it snows, even places very familiar to your dog will seem very new and exciting.

The snowfall creates new sights, sounds, smells, and sensations to explore and play in.

If you take your dog to a new area for a walk, they will often get more excited than on their more regular routes.

This is the same effect as when it snows.

We can prove this by watching huskies or other sled dogs that spend most of their lives in the snow and don’t get anywhere near as excited as dogs that don’t get to play in the snow very often.

Why Do Dogs Like to Play?

Like all other animals, dogs like to play primarily because it teaches them how to behave in life.

For example, when young puppies play fight and have fun, they are also building fighting skills that might allow them to defend themselves as adults.

Or when they chase after a ball, they are learning skills that they could use for hunting to help them eat for survival.

The behavior starts with young puppies, and the need for play reduces as the dog becomes an adult, but most dogs never stop being playful, even when old.

Of course, most pet dogs will never need any of these skills, but they don’t know that.

The play is intuitive and is an inheritance from their ancestors.

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Why Do Dogs Like to Roll in Snow?

Why Do Dogs Like Snow?Dogs roll in the snow because it is fun, especially for dogs that often don’t see snow.

They also roll in the snow because of an ancient instinct from their ancestors, the Late Pleistocene wolf species.

When hunting, wolves will roll in leaves, mud, or carcasses to hide their scent with background smells to make it easier to sneak up on their prey.

So, when your dog rolls in snow, grass, leaves, or something much more stinky, they do so for the same reason.

(Even if their chances of getting close to any prey are zero, the instinct is still there).

Before we go on…Here is a short but adorable video of some gorgeous dogs playing around and having fun in the snow.

Just click the image to start watching:


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Not All Dogs Love Playing in the Snow

Obviously, not all dogs like being in the snow. Often, the thicker-haired breeds such as Huskies, Akitas, and Alsatians love it.

Dogs with thicker coats are bred to cope with colder climates and may feel more familiar with them.

So their love of snow may be partially due to them not feeling the cold as much, but it could also be their breeding heritage.

If they were bred to work or survive in the snow, it might be instinctively satisfying for them to walk, run, roll, and play in the snow.

Can Playing in the Snow be Dangerous for Dogs?

It is improbable that snow could be hazardous to your dog in most cases, but you should be aware of several risk factors that could put your dog in danger.

Dogs can get hypothermia.

It is not likely to happen on a winter walk, but if your dog is small and has a thin coat, you should ensure they don’t get too cold.

The other risk is that snow could hide things that might be harmful to a dog.

They might not see something dangerous because it is hidden under the snow.

A hole, dangerous trash, a pond, or other similar hazards could be hidden under a thick blanket of white snow.

Final Thoughts On Why Dogs Like Snow So Much

Dogs like the snow because it creates a fun and exciting environment to play in and explore.

It is also often a novelty, especially in areas where snow doesn’t fall very regularly.

There is very little chance that it could be dangerous to them, so if you own one or more dogs, please feel free to let them enjoy snowy weather to their heart’s content.

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