Why Do People Who Own Dogs Thinks Everyone Likes Dogs?

Have you noticed that some dog owners just assume that everyone likes dogs?

Or even worse, insist that everyone must love their dog? Why is this?

What do some owners think everyone likes dogs and should be nice to them? Let’s find out.

Why Do Dog Owners Insist Everyone Must Love Dogs?

Some dog owners are so wrapped up in loving their dogs that they forget that not everyone feels the same.

They are either blinded by their love for their dog or too selfish to care about other people’s needs and wishes.

At this point, I should point out that not ALL dog lovers act like this, I love dogs, but I understand that many people do not.

However, some dog owners are so blinded by their love of their dogs that they can’t imagine anyone else not feeling the same.

And yes, sadly, some people, including those who own dogs, are just plain old selfish, rude, and inconsiderate of others.

Some people just don’t care as much as they should how other people feel about their dogs.

NOTE – If you are a dog owner, please remember that not everyone likes dogs and some people also think that dog lovers are annoying!

Perfectly Good Reasons Why Some People DON’T Like Dogs

Not everyone likes dogsNow let’s look at some reasons why some people don’t like dogs.

As I said, I am a dog lover and love dogs, but I still understand that there are plenty of good reasons why people might not feel the same.

Here are some that I came up with. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below:

  1. Some people are scared of dogs.
  2. Some people are allergic to dogs.
  3. Some people just aren’t interested in dogs.
  4. Some people don’t like dogs because they don’t think they are hygienic.
  5. Some dogs are dangerous to humans and pets.
  6. Some dogs are badly behaved and annoying to be around.

1. Some People Are Scared of Dogs

Often when people are scared of dogs, it is due to a bad experience they had with one when they were a child.

Whatever the reason. If someone is scared of dogs, responsible dog owners should keep their dogs under control around them and certainly shouldn’t expect them to like their pets.

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2. Some People Are Allergic to Dogs

Allergies can be nasty, and if someone is allergic to dogs, it makes sense that they wouldn’t like being around them!

Any sensible dog owner should easily understand this and act accordingly to ensure their allergies are not triggered.

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3. Some People Just Aren’t Interested In Dogs

We all have different likes and dislikes, and if someone does not like dogs, that should be fine with dog owners.

The fact that a dog owner thinks their pet pooch is the best thing since sliced bread does not mean they have the right to expect others to feel the same way.

4. Some People Don’t Like Dogs Because They Don’t Think They Are Hygienic

As a dog owner who loves all dogs, I must admit that dogs are not as clean and hygienic as I would like them to be.

They run, play, walk, sniff, and even roll in mud, muck, and dirt.

And let’s not even think too much about what they lick, chew, and even eat!

If a person does not like dogs because they think they are dirty and unhygienic, that seems fair enough to me, and any responsible and fair-minded dog owner should agree.

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5. Some Dogs Are Dangerous to Humans and Pets

Some people don’t like being around dogs because they know that some dogs can be dangerous to people and pets.

While it is true that some people have an irrational phobia of dogs, dogs can still be dangerous to humans, and this can put people off.

Also, dogs that show zero aggression toward humans may still be aggressive toward pets, livestock, or wildlife.

For example, if you were a cat lover and a local dog chased your cats every time they saw them, it would be understandable if you didn’t like dogs.

6. Some Dogs Are Badly Behaved and Annoying to be Around

Some dogs bark too much, some dogs jump up at people, some dogs chew things they aren’t supposed to, and some dogs steal food or toys.

Not all dogs are well-behaved; sadly, too many owners have a blind spot regarding their own dogs.

In fact, most dogs do at least one or two things that other people could consider annoying, whether their owners like to admit it or not.

It is perfectly acceptable for someone not to like dogs because they find these behaviors annoying.

However, it’s the job of dog owners to control their pets and not let them upset other people.

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Final Notes On Some Dog Owners Thinking Everyone Likes Dogs

In my opinion, people who own dogs expecting everyone else to like dogs is due to the dog owner being so biased toward thinking their dog is perfect.

It would be much better if they realized that not everyone feels the same way they do.

Not everyone likes dogs, so they should keep better control of their dogs around people like that.

To finish off this post, please take a look at this video to better understand the dynamic of bad or irresponsible dog ownership.

Just click the video and it will start to play:

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